Three electricians from MBTA, Boston's transportation system, and a physician assistant rushed to save a man who collapsed at a rail station last week. According to a report from CBS Boston, their training and an an automated defibrillator helped save his life.

Dolly Arjun, the physician assistant, first discovered the man and shouted for someone to call 911. The electricians rushed over. One took his knife out of his tool bag to cut the man's shirt off, then they assisted with CPR.

The workers had years of training from the MBTA and their Local 103 union, according to the report.

“Being an electrician we always carry a knife,” said electrician Kevin O’Brien. “Cut the shirt right off the guy, so when he came down with his AED the paddles went right on.”

By the time paramedics arrived to rush the man to the hospital, he was conscious and breathing.