These active harmonic filters (ECOsine Active) are now also available for 3-phase TN and IT 500V to 690V power grids. An increasing number of energy-efficient electrical products are used in industrial applications, including variable speed drives for motor control. These modern technologies contribute significantly to the reduction of electrical energy consumption; however, as an unwanted byproduct of their operation they can negatively affect power quality.filters

These harmonic filters provide the system with an opposing corrective current that immediately compensates for harmonics, phase shift and load-unbalance at the same time. They dynamically adapt to changing grid and load situations, providing an optimum compensation performance at all times.

The active filters are often used in heavy industry, chemical industry, mining or oil exploration and come in sturdy IP54 rated cabinets. A UL-approved version (FN 3420-200-690-3-UL) is currently in preparation.

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