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on Jun 12, 2014

Re: Multi -wire circuits. Now that we have to use circuit breaker handle ties on single pole breakers because of the common neutral I wish the 2014 Code would have allowed one breaker out of the two or three breakers to trip leaving the others energized. Using (3) 20A 1P CBs at 277V with a common neutral for a lighting multi-branch circuit could cause 12kVA of lighting to be tripped off because of a ballast failure, which would only cause one CB to trip but the handle makes the other CBs trip also. The affected CB trip would turn off only 4kVA of lighting if it alone could trip free. I have no problem with turning off the 3 CBs using the tie handle for the repair, but that could happen after normal working hours.

on Jun 13, 2014

You could use individual fusing of ballasts, a bit old fashioned but very necessary on branch circuits that contain
many ballasts or where a single circuit serves 1 room.

Also, an autopsy that I did on GE UltraMax ballast shows that it has an internal fuse in series with the black lead.

on May 27, 2015

You then have the unbalanced load going through the neutral... a load which has resulted in the injury and death of electricians around the country. By your example, we would go back to pre 210.4 days. There is no valid reason that can justify putting a man or woman at risk simply because of the presumed inconvenience.

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