HFT conduit design service life

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I am asking for help if anyone can advise the service life of the HFT conduits in exposed environment. To my understanding HFT conduits use inhibitors for sunlight radiation protection and is suitable for 5-10 years service life. I am not sure whether the quoted service life is under direct sunlight or not. The project I am working on requires a design life of 15 years. The application for the use of the proposed HFT conduit run is not in direct sunlight, but under the eave of a building. Just wonder if the use of HFT conduit is able to meet the 15 years requirement.
Looking forward to receiving any feedback and will appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

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I'm unclear what HFT conduit is but less than 10 year life expectancy seems poor. if light weight is the deciding factor maybe RTRC would be good. It's lightweight, suitable for physical damage, and corrosion resistant.

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a further explanation of HFT conduit would be greatly appreciated

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If I'm not mistaken, I believe HFT conduit is halogen free, flame retardant, and temperature resistant.

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I found the following information at a website called Clipsal by Schneider Electric:
"HFT stands for the three most important properties of this range of conduits H (halogen free), F (fire resistant) and T (temperature stability).
Clipsal range of rigid conduit are all halogen free, this means that in the event of a fire these products do not produce corrosive or toxic gasses such as chlorine, they are fire-resistant, self extinguishing within 10 seconds and non-dripping and they also have a greater temperature stability than similar PVC products, between -40C and +140C."
So I'm guessing we are talking about Types PVC, LFNC, and ENT raceways. A LEED version of non-metallic raceways? The website also had references to a 15-year warranty. That indicates to me that you would use them as you would any other version of Type PVC.
Perhaps this topic would make for a good EC&M article.

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You may want to check out Champion Fiberglass conduits. They have a pretty good selection of trade sizes, no halogen, good thermal properties, and I believe they have a warranted 25 year service life in direct sunlight. Break even point is at about the 1" mark. aka, its more expensive 1" and below to install against its counter part. 1" and greater it will be more cost effective.


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