Equipment Failure: 50 Hz vs 60 Hz

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Hi Guys,

I just need some views on this matter. I'm writing from Jamaica where electricity is generated at 50 Hz. I bought two pieces of electronic equipment (a smart TV and a cordless phone) from the U.S. last year (manufactured for 60 Hz), as I typically do. Both pieces of equipment were on a surge protector. The thing is that over the course of about 2-4 weeks, there were a number of outages (lasting less than 3-5 secs, typically more than 4 times per day) and both pieces of equipment failed to work properly after a time, while other older 60 Hz specific equipment continued to work at the same location. Both pieces of equipment were working fine for at least 8 months.

I am just wondering which would have had a greater impact on the equipment failure; the multiple unexplained outages per day or the frequency of the distributed current (50 Hz when equipment was made for 60 Hz)?

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I am trying to find a neutral fault or failure underground about 2 ft in a conduit. What is the best tool to find it? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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While some equipment can run on both frequencies, it's obviously best to use a source that is rated for the equipment. I'm pretty certain you can buy easy to install frequency converters, but here is my 2 cents:

1) The surge protector has probably gone bad. People often think they last forever, but that is not true!

2) Using a 50 Hz frequency will have a lower voltage and a higher current compared to the 60 Hz frequency. The difference in electrical characteristics probably fried the equipment.

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Your TV and cordless phone might have probably had SMPS type power supply capable of operating on both 50 and 60 Hz. So I vote surge protector failed.

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