cable labels at terminations and junction boxes

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I'm reposting this in an effort to get some feedback on whether identification labels are required at the termination points and at junction boxes where fire alarm cable is being installed.
The requirement of 760.10 seems pretty straight forward: label ALL PLFA circuits where they terminate or are installed in junction boxes. To me, it seems like all means all. All cables are required to have labels in these locations -- not cable identification markings from the manufacturer, but labels that would designate the source and destination of inbound and outbound cables. But one fire alarm contractor is telling me that it's only required where it might cause confusion for other trades such as at a duct detector on a large air handler. He is quoting the line from 760.10, "in a manner that will prevent unintentional interference with the fire alarm circuits during testing and servicing." I agree it needs to be done in a manner that prevents unnecessary interference, but I do not see that all other areas such as all other junction boxes like those behind the fire alarm device, pull stations, annunciators therefore become exempt from the labeling requirement because other trades are not there.
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Good day. I am not a fire alarm/protection guy so I am going to approach this with a different point of view. On my jobs we label everything we can to let a follow on service tech know where its going and where its fed from. As for this instance, I would not totally rely on the NEC. I would rather check the NFPA 72. There might be more insight there. If you are in a dispute with fire contractor there may be information there to give you more ammo.

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I have never done this in the past. In Pittsburgh, we are a few Code issues behind. But.... I can see it being very handy for troubleshooting.

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In all my years doing fire alarm installation I have to honestly say that I have never done that. On a couple of jobs we had to paint the JB covers red, if it was a 4 square or a 4-11 box. For all our JBs regardless we place a label on there that says "FA" or "Fire Alarm". On a different note I have seen some jobs where guys had to place labels on the conduit that said "FA" or "Fire Alarm".

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Identifying the fire alarm cables or at least the conduits is always beneficial for future servicing crews.

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I have been doing fire alarm for 20 years and have never seen a requirement to label wires. When wires of a different nature are run in the conduit we often used different color jackets or sheathing just to simplify installation. (Loop, Power signal, horn, bell, strobes) I did find in troubleshooting it was easy to identify circuits that were identified.

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Can the moderator post an opinion on this Code topic? Is this, in your opinion, just a suggestion or is it an enforceable Code requirement? Seems a bit ambiguous since it doesn't use the customary word "shall" in the sentence. To me, it's a very obvious benefit and in the future I will not make the mistake of not spelling it out in the job specifications as a requirement.

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Yes, this is right.

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