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Hello, I have a question.

I'm bidding a service change. The box that is in the house is an old fuse panel. The existing panel is approximately 11 in. wide. Most new panels are around 14 in. to 14.3 in. wide. The space where the existing panel is located is only 14.5 in. wide. On the right side is a window frame (minimum two 2x4s). On the left side is a door going into a bathroom. So the width I have to work with is 12.5 in. to 13 in. maximum, without cutting into the door jam or the window frame. The only panel I found with a narrow width is an renovation type panel which is 11 in. wide, and some change. The problem is the new panel is 10 space, 20 circuits. The replacement panel has to have a 2-pole, 40A breaker for the range, a 2-pole 30A breaker for the water heater, a 2-pole 30A breaker for the dryer, and a 2-pole 25A breaker for the a/c unit. This will take up 8 of the 10 available spaces. The existing lighting and receptacle circuits are being fed from four 20A breakers and four 15A breakers.

Can I take a chase nipple with lock rings and bonding bushings and bond two identical panels together? Then, sub off of the first panel into the second panel to allow room for the circuits that are needed? Or are there any other options that anyone can think of? Relocating the panel is not an option because of clearance issues. Are there any Code rules that would not allow me to add the second panel as noted above?

Thank you for your time and consideration concerning this matter.

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Are tandem breakers available for the new panel?

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16 spaces out of 20. Sounds like you're good.

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