3-Phase, 208V to 3-Phase, 400V

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I have a 230/400VAC 50Hz Vapor phase oven I'm installing. It requires 10kVA. Can I use a 208VAC Delta to 400V WYE transformer?

It seems like I should be able to connect the house panel, which is 208VAC, 3-Phase WYE to the Delta primary on the transformer. Do you see any issues in doing so?


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That may be a question only the manufacturer can answer. Any electronic or motor components may not appreciate the change in frequency.

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I agree with Tims' comment. I have often encountered lab equipment that comes from Europe and requires such voltage transformations. You need to carefully research the piece of equipment. Typicallly, operating 50 Hz equipment at 60 Hz is not a problem, other than the motor speed question noted above. Most 50 Hz equipment is happy to operate on 60 Hz except for the motor speed question. Oftentimes, a VFD would solve those motor frequency issues, if that is the type of motor you have.

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Check 110.3(B) Listed and Labeled Equipment.....and 450.11 Source Marking (B).
See if the manufacturer has indicated so in the instructions. Sometimes transformers cannot be back-fed.

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