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Our company safety rep has requested that all of our panels have locking covers. This plant is almost 80 years old and huge. Does anyone know of company that makes panel covers that can be used and accepted by OSHA  & inspectors?'s picture
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You can purchase locking mechanisms for your existing panels.

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One issue with locking covers is that if there is an emergency to turn a breaker off the accessability of the key is usually in a remote office. I have dealt with this issue on several projects and found that adequate signage and training usually suffice. If it is not in a public place and where only qualified and trained personnel have access, my personal opinion is not to lock panel covers. I have used disposable locking mechanisms similar to Ty-Raps to where you need side cutters to cut the locking device and only qualified or trained personnel have access. I have always had issues with locking panel covers. In essence, you are locking a breaker in the on position. Let's offer more training and knowledge.

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I think you should try to purchase those safety features locking covers from the previous company because maybe it will provide some offers when you purchase again.

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