Error Light on Industrial Press

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Hello all,

I currently have a Freeman Schwabe FH150 style press used for cutting gasket material. My issue is the yellow error light on the press itself.  I'm a rookie in the industry and only in my current position about a month (E&I Tech). I keep getting intermittent error lights on this press, however, no error or fault codes are showing up in the log. I went through the PLC faults as well and nothing existed. The press continues to run at full production with no change in behavior or output. I contacted the press manufacturer and all I got for an answer out of the manual and tech support is if the error light is on, an error exists. They don't even have a list of possible errors that could trigger the light. If anyone with experience with these style presses could at least point me in the right direction as far as what type of error can trigger the light (e.g., software, electrical, I/O) I would appreciate the help.

Chuck D.

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Check out your safety circuit for a loose connection. You could also have a loose mounting bracket on a door.

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I found a couple of loose connections on a few odd end circuits, one a plug in conveyor (480V). The light has not come back on since, but no real issue found or explanation for what the error light can signal.

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