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Joined: 2012-04-17

Service, quality or price? Which one of these three do you feel is the most important to the success of your overall business?

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Joined: 2014-03-03

Sell Service and quality, not price.

When looking over a job you must come up with a grand total and sell it to the client. If you leave without getting the client to sign, the next electrical contractor will get the chance to sell the job and will get it.

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Joined: 2014-06-23

You will get a good price for a high quality service.

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Joined: 2014-06-27

Quality would definitely be my number one priority and I strongly believe that this should be enforced throughout any businesses that you are pursuing. For my self-storage, quality has always been our importance as customers will automatically know what type of service and prices to expect from such a standard of quality. I also believe that quality will ensure that customers are always coming back for more because the products/services that we sold to them have been working up to their expectations and beyond. Therefore, quality is and will always be my top priority from the angle that I am looking at it from.

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