Infrared Thermography

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Joined: 2014-03-04

Do you use an IR camera? Routinely? Occassionally? Just for troubleshooting? Scheduled surveys? Are you certified? Is the certifcation valuable? Interested in some feedback. 

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Yes, annually to check all the electric panels in our facility for the insurance company. I am not certified, as I do not know where to get the training.

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With proper training you can take thermally tuned images, measure temperatures accurately, produce valid reports, recognize faults better and severity, also recognize reflection, the list goes on.

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Combined Technologies Condition Monitoring© (CTCM) is the most effective tool I know of to help prevent unscheduled outages. Thermal imaging (thermography) is a powerful player in this process. When used as an adjunct tool along with other diagnostic technologies such as ultrasound and vibration analysis, thermal imaging has proven to be an invaluable resource.

Proper training is critical to the application of both interpretation of both qualitative and quantitative thermograms. Despite what some camera manufacturers may advertise, it is not a "point and shoot" technology.

I've been in this business a long time, and there is just no substitute for proper training when using any PdM/PM diagnostic or condition monitoring tool.

Welcome to the amazing world of thermal imaging! Enjoy the ride.

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Good feedback and thanks for the replies. I know many companies perform IR on an annual basis and typically contract that out to monitor equipment for predictive maintenance.

Do you think many are using that same service for energy studies? Do IR contractors typically offer both equipment monitoring and energy surveys as a part of a package? I assume the contractor would love to land a contract to do both in one visit. Or, is the skill set so different for the IR technician such that you would really need two separate surveys conducted: one for equipment and one for detecting energy losses?

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For third party reasons we use a professional service for all of our distribution equipment, drives, transformers, motors and gear drives. This is done quarterly. Since we had a baseline several years ago, we can compare the results for any changes.

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Joined: 2015-04-05

Being an Electrical Engineer I am very much keen about Electrical Safety. I want to continue to learn to develope myself about safety matters to ensure safety for the end users.

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Joined: 2014-01-05

If you have a panelboard that is rated above 40 cal and labeled dangerous, do you still conduct the IR testing? If so, how do you open up the gear for testing safely?

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