Motor Control Quiz Problem

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I'm currently studying motor controls and ladder logic. I have only just started in the last week. I have a challenge I am trying to complete.

Using push button 1, turn on green light.
Using push button 1, turn off green light.
Using push button 1, turn on red light.
Using push button 1, turn off red light and reset the system to allow for step 1.

I first built the logic for only the green light. I have successfully turned on and then off the green light. When I started adding in the red light I found that it would automatically turn on when the green light went out.

Can someone please guide me through this or at least give me hints.

So far I have used:

  • 1 NO pushbutton
  • 6 control relays
  • 3 timing relays

I have been told that using 11 relays it can be done. 

Note: I am only using 1 push button in total, 12 pin control (ice cube) relays, and 12 pin timing relays using only the On-Delay function.

As a side note, if anyone knows where I can get the program called "The Contactor" from I would appreciate it. Yes, I have attempted to use Google to find it but after about 6 different searches going to page 2 of each I could not find it.

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I have recently commissioned a 110kW borehole pump set (Elsumo type210VSP210cub. m/h). The motor rating is 170A maximum. The pump delivers 260 cub. m/h at 90m head through an 8-in. vertical pipe. The motor was supplied from a 50 square mm pvc swa 4 cable approximately 110m long. The motor running current is averaging 180Ams and the cable was heating up. I have since up-rated the cable to 70 square mm pvc swa 4 core, the cable is no longer heating up but the current drawn by the motor is still high. What could be the possible reason?

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Check your voltage on your feed lines. Also, you might have a restriction in you plumbing.

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The program is called Constructor by CMH Software. Here is the link to the website:

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