Grounding Help Needed for Computers with 2-Plug Switches

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I am from Pakisitan. Most of my full house sockets have 2 holes in it. I need help with the computer. My computer gives me slight electric shocks from the CPU, the mouse connected to CPU, and keyboard. When I connect the laptop, the symptoms appear. Please help me. How can I ground the PC with 2 socket switches? Do I need to open it?


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Hi aniee. I don't know what type of power distribution system you are using at your location but that is inconsequential. You should not be receiving a shock from the case of the CPU under any circumstances. If there is a potential on the case, this is a sign of a shorted circuit in the CPU. Correcting that would be my first priority. Good luck.

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I live in an old house on Molokai, HI. The power line-in goes to a non-conductive fiberglass box on the outside of the dwelling. It is a 2-wire system with no apparent ground. I have installed an isolated receptacle in my computer lab that I have grounded with a rod in the earth. I have been told that if the electric company investigates they will cease service until my house is up-to-code...which may cost thousands of dollars. Are there any suggestions for this situation?

Thank you for responding.

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