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I have a question regarding bus plugs and local disconnects.
We have swing plugs/bus plugs throughout our plant in the ceiling that we turn off to work on fork lift or material cart chargers. The chargers also have individual disconnects and an emergency shutoff at the charger. My understanding is that the shutoff does not kill the power to the charger. The disconnect will kill power to the charger but there are still hot or live wires. But the only way to truly kill power and deaden the lines is to use the swing plug/bus plug. What is the difference between the localized disconnect and the bus plug?

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Good questions. I would imagine that the bus duct feeds the local disconnect so if you switch it off at the disconnect there would be no power to the load.

The local disconnect is for convenience, since you have a NEC required disconnect the bus duct.

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Local disconnects also fall into the "good idea" category to facilitate easy and safer lockout/tagout. A nearby disco not only encourages LOTO when it otherwise might be ignored, keeping a worker off a ladder or out of an aerial lift to apply a padlock is a fantastic idea.

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