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I have an owner that wants us to set a CT and meter and an 800-1,000A distribution panel on a stand located 5 ft from the transformer, which is 70 ft from the building. He wants two 400A CBs and one 200A CB, plus three 100A CBs for a future building, a future trailer and a future freezer in the distribution panel.  We have a 400A lighting panel, a 400A power panel, and a 200A lighting panel in the building, which will be constructed now.

If I do what the owner is requesting, it will require me to run three sets of conductors to the building — one for each panel. It seems to me that the NEC does not allow this since it says we can only have one set of conductors to a building.

I guess I could design a second distribution panel on the building and have it fed from an 800A CB in the first distribution panel. I could then feed the three panels from the second distribution panel.

On similar buildings, they have installed the CT and meter along with three fused disconnects on the building. In this case, we might make space for six fused disconnects on the building. They then fed each panel from a fused disconnect.

It seems to me that what the owner is requesting is so very much more expensive than what has been done in the past.

Am I correct that the NEC does not allow three separate sets of conduits?

Am I correct that either one or two distribution panels is much more expensive than the their fused disconnects?

Does anyone have any other thoughts or suggestions?



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Greetings Butch73,

Where I'm located in Southwest Ohio, that work would have to be submitted to the State Building Department via a written/ typed "job Description" along with Blue prints drawn up by an Engineer or Architect, before any Permit is even issued.

Duke Energy, also would be heavily involved in this process.

Is this not required where you are located?

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To my knowledge as per NEC requirement, it would be the best solution providing a common set of service entrance conductors of 800A to 1,000A service and having six sub feeders. Three service feeders for exiting and three service feeders for future requirements.
There are some options indicated in NEC Art. 230 that could allow more than one service set of conductors with some options if it could match to your specific case.


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