Circuit Overload?

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I am an estimator for a light commercial / residential GC here in Flagstaff, AZ. I am assembling an estimate for a Garage /Shop for an existing client and he requested (18) quad receptacles but he only wants (2) circuits.  This just does not sound acceptable to me. I reviewed the IRC and found several supporting codes, but nothing concrete. Can you help me out? If he insists, I feel I should include a disclaimer to protect our company in case his kid plugs in 15 space heaters while he is out of town one weekend.

Thank you!

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18 quads equals 36 duplex receptacles. Splitting this into two 20A branch circuits leaves 18 duplex receptacles per circuit.

Considering in-line or string connected receptacles, each receptacle would have a rating of 180VA. Multipy 18 duplex receptacles by 180VA and you get 3,240VA. Divide 3,240VA by 120V and you get 27A rating on a 20A branch circuit.

Each 20A branch circuit cannot exceed a total load of 16A. You figure out how many receptacles you need to eliminate to get to 16A per circuit.

You need to explain this to your client. I wouldn't violate the Code and compensate the violation with a "disclaimer". I would do the job right.

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The 180VA per receptacle only applies to residential. There is no violation for the described installation. What the user does once you leave is beyond your control.

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