bathroom conundrum and outlet

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I wrote on this topic earlier, but placed it in the wrong category.  It should have been put in this one. The thread is here.

I also wanted to ask about suggestions about an outlet with 2 plug options which no longer works.  It just went out one time, and I saw nothing out of place.  It just happened one day.  Is there anything simple or "simple" I can check on my own, or is this an electrician job?  How much should I expect to pay approximately for such a fix?  Thank you.

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Sigh...there are socket testers. When you fiddled around with your lamp socket using a metal wrench, you most likely set off the GFCI and that set the breaker to OFF. Most of the time they look like they are still "ON", so go out to your panel, switch the bathroom power OFF, then to the ON position again. You cannot tell if "anything was amiss" by LOOKING at it. And stop putting metal things into electrical things or where they are not supposed to go. The ONLY thing you should be sticking in a light fixture is a light bulb. You are lucky you were not shocked. There is no way to find out a ball park figure for electricians on this site, you have to actually make a call and ask one.

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