2017 NEC Change Proposals

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The next edition of the NEC is now open for Public Input. This was previously known as the Public Proposals stage. So who has a few good ideas for change? Does anyone have any interesting proposals they plan to submit?

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I believe there is a need to have work and equipment required to be performed by licensed electrician better defined. Here in Michigan -- on the book but not well enforced is -- work on hard wired equipment where the repair cost is over $125.00 shall be performed by a licensed electrician.

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While it's true that work by a licensed individual generally means that the work will be performed properly, it's no guarantee. I would not support any model code, that has the force of law, that would require a tradesman to have a special permission slip to earn a living. Besides, there are still many states where no such license exists, even if a man wanted it.

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There should be a requirement that conventional receptacles protected by GFCI be marked "GFCI protected." Many believe this is part of the Code, but in fact only applies where an equipment ground is not present. This is largely common practice. Time to codify it.

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[quote=pvandemotter@pkgandhi.com]conventional receptacles protected by GFCI be marked "GFCI protected." Many believe this is part of the Code, but in fact only applies where an equipment ground is not present."

This is currently covered by the NEC requirement to follow the manufacturers instructions. As an example, Leviton has installation instructions to "Place a "GFCI PROTECTED OUTLET" sticker on every receptacle" on the load side.

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I’m referring to NEC Annex D Example D5(b). The result shown for the Main Feeder neutral load (107,650VA) is copied from the result in Example D4(b). However, D4(b) is served at 120/240V (where 220.55 doesn’t apply), while D5(b) is served at 208Y/120V (where, 220.55 does apply). This should be taken into account for the neutral load of the Main Feeder as for the Service Equipment Feeder to the Meter Bank (For 20 Dwelling Units).

Note: Excerpt from 220.55: Where two or more single-phase ranges are supplied by a 3-phase, 4-wire feeder or service, the total load shall be calculated on the basis of twice the maximum number connected between any two phases.

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Hi all. Some very interesting input could come from the previous comments. Looking forward to some good input and discussions over the next couple of years!

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The UL standard for GFCIs has changed. I am looking at some equipment that provides protection at 480V and giving some possible input (proposal). All of the GFCI requirements continue to expand and I am NOT a fan of increasing requirements. However, electricity is the number 3 killer on the construction site. That needs to change!

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