Are you constantly spouting off information that others think is useless but that you know has value? Do your friends think you’re a know-it-all? Do you sometimes wish there was a Trivial Pursuit: Electrical Edition? Now you have an outlet for your vast stores of knowledge and a chance to gain some appreciation for your know-how. WD-40 Co. is asking professionals to share tricks of their trade for possible inclusion on its Job Site, an online resource for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers. Professionals whose suggestions are selected for the Web site will receive a WD-40 tool belt and recognition for their submission.

Tips should not be well-known techniques that can be found in a trade manual or instruction book. Instead, they should be shortcuts and tricks that you’ve devised throughout your time in the business, something that makes a job easier.

If you think you’ve got something helpful to submit, visit Deadline for entries is March 31.