Freehold, N.J.-based Trinity Solar has reached a major milestone. It has performed 2,000 solar electric installations — nearly double the number of any other solar provider serving the Garden State. The company, which has been designing and installing solar electric systems since 2004, reports a sharp increase in demand for solar power from both residential and commercial clients.

"We've seen a substantial uptick," reports Ed Merrick, Trinity's VP of marketing and business development. "We've grown our installation base to over 150 per month, with the majority of our systems being installed in New Jersey. The state is embracing solar power."

Trinity also serves customers in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Merrick credits several factors for the surge in interest in Trinity, starting with substantial savings. According to Merrick, residential customers are first excited to learn that generating their own power via solar panels can save them up to $2,000 annually on their electric bill. Next comes the realization that solar buildings can produce income — in most cases thousands of dollars a year — when owners sell energy credits back to utilities.

Finally, Trinity Solar offers multiple financing options that eliminate the start-up fees that once deterred clients. With Trinity, home or business owners are able to go solar at a greatly reduced cost and immediately reap the rewards of a lower energy bill.