When the Toro Co. decided to retrofit its 300,000-sq-ft Tomah, Wis. facility, energy-efficient lighting topped its list of desired improvements. After extensive testing, the company, which produces commercial golf course equipment such as rotary, greens, and fairway mowers; aeration equipment; and workman vehicles, chose the Illuminator lighting fixtures produced by Orion Lighting and Energy Services. Orion guarantees this move will save Toro approximately $80,000 per year.

“This energy-efficient Orion lighting project fits in well with other environmentally responsible efforts adopted by Toro such as the one-of-a-kind Waste Water Treatment Facility we use to remove zinc and phosphates from our water,” says Scott Vollmer, the environmental/project engineer in Toro’s Commercial Division.

According to Orion, the Illuminator has been specifically designed for use in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution centers, and other commercial buildings. Using a patented reflector system, the Illuminator uses 50% less electricity than the traditional industrial 400W fixtures, while producing more than 50% more light. In this retrofit, the electrical contractor will replace approximately 840 HID light fixtures with the Illuminator.

“The fact that Orion’s lighting will save Toro over $80,000 per year and still have such a positive environmental impact by cutting our electricity consumption by 1.7 million kilowatts was also an important part of our decision,” says Don Yahnke, Toro’s director of operations for Tomah. “Equally important to us were the intangible benefits from Orion’s lighting such as more than 50% better lighting, better worker safety, 50% less on-going maintenance, full spectrum lighting to complete our final quality inspections, and finally, creating more available electricity for the Tomah community.”

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