The Tampa Electric recently announced that it will launch enhancements to its existing residential energy-efficiency programs. Business customers can sign up for two new programs and take advantage of enhancements to existing programs immediately at

For business customers:

  • Free Energy Audits: A free program designed to increase awareness of energy use, includes a free pack of energy-efficient CFLs.
  • Commercial Lighting: Offers an increased incentive of $175 per kilowatt for lighting upgrades, as well as $25 for each exit sign upgrade to LED technology.
  • Standby Generator: Pays an increased incentive of $4 per kilowatt for utilization of a customer’s emergency generation capacity during peak periods.
  • Energy-Efficient Motors: Pays an incentive of $6 per horsepower for energy-efficient motor upgrades.
  • Lighting Occupancy Sensors: Offers $25 per sensor installed to control indoor lights and reduce energy costs.
  • Lighting Program: Earn $175 per kilowatt reduction for replacing existing lighting with new, more efficient systems.
  • Electronically Commutated Motors: Later this summer, this new program will pay an incentive up to $180 per horsepower to retrofit and/or replace inefficient motors for HVAC or refrigerating equipment.

The new and enhanced programs are a result of Tampa Electric receiving approval from the Florida Public Service Commission to expand its current lineup of energy-efficiency programs for customers.