The reaffirmation of NECA/AA 104-2012, “Recommended Practice for Installing Aluminum Building Wire and Cable,” has just been approved by ANSI and published by NECA. This newly revised standard is an amendment of the 2006 edition that describes installation procedures and design considerations for aluminum building wire and cable in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial applications not exceeding 600V. The standard was jointly developed in cooperation with the Aluminum Association.

While all conductors contain electrical charges, aluminum conductors behave differently than copper conductors, and therefore, slightly different installation techniques must be used to install them. NECA/AA 104 addresses the unique specifications and characteristics associated with installing aluminum conductors and cables. Vital information about splicing, terminations, corrosion protection, and conductor ampacities are explained in careful detail in the standard. The installation information in this NEIS is not found in the NEC, but it is essential for those installing and maintaining wiring systems designed with aluminum conductors.

“Aluminum wire has been used for transmission of electricity since the early days of the industry, but we’re now aware of special precautions that must be taken for safe installation,” said Michael Johnston, NECA executive director, standards and safety. “As new technologies and product uses emerge, the NEIS evolve to keep pace with what electrical contractors need to know to deliver safe installation.”

Many other NEIS have been revised and expanded to align with the current edition of the NEC and other applicable standards. Johnston emphasizes that “the standards are constantly providing significant value to those in the electrical designing and engineering communities. The NEIS help professionals in developing design specifications because they can dramatically reduce specification-writing time.” 

NEIS  are the only quality and performance standards for electrical construction. They are used primarily by electrical contractors, consulting engineers, facility managers, and other professionals who design and specify for electrical construction projects. With their installation detail, illustrations and thorough explanations, NEIS are also a valuable training tool for electrical construction industry. Individual NEIS are available in hard copy and as PDF downloads from NECA’s website.

NECA/AA 104-2012, “Recommended Practice for Installing Aluminum Building Wire and Cable,” is $20 for NECA members and $40 for non-members.