New York-based Solar Energy Systems (SES) recently announced the installation of the largest commercial solar electric system in Brooklyn, N.Y. The 68.4kW system will provide 100% of the electricity needs for City Merchandise. SES, collaborating with area contractors, created the Brooklyn-based green-collar team to install the system.

"City Merchandise has both a sizable roof and an efficient business operation, the combination of which allows for a solar project that completely offsets their annual electricity needs," says David Buckner, president of Solar Energy Systems. "Not only are they generating clean on-site electricity,they are at the same time achieving an extremely healthy return on investment. Welcome to the future."

"All of our electricity is now supplied by our solar system," says Jack Gindi, owner of City Merchandise. "As a travel-related firm, our souvenirs make tourism to New York more eco-friendly, and that is very important to us."