As the world continues to watch New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania pick up the pieces from the recent terrorist attacks, members of the Siemens operating companies worldwide are providing people, supplies, technological resources, and monetary donations to the ongoing relief effort.

Dr. Heinrich v. Pierer, president and chief executive officer of the parent company Siemens AG, headquartered in Munich, Germany, recently announced the company has pledged $2 million to support emergency assistance agencies in New York and Washington through the Siemens Caring Hands Foundation. In addition, the company will match contributions worldwide from among its 460,000 employees in 193 countries.

In a recent correspondence to all staff members, Pierer offered prayers and sympathy for the innocent people, families, and rescue workers who have been touched by the evil acts and told employees of the company’s plans to help in wake of the tragic events. He explained the money from the Foundation will be given to “The September 11th Fund,” a non-profit organization set up to ensure that financial resources are deployed effectively to emergency assistance and health and human services agencies in New York and Washington. This organization is jointly administered by The United Way and The New York Community Trust.

“My sincere belief is that together, we will make a difference during this difficult time,” said Pierer.