Lonnie Mullen, VP of operations for Shermco Industries, has recently joined the board of directors and executive committee of the Irving Chamber of Commerce, Irving, Texas. He is also serving as chairman of the newly-formed Green Business Council, which met in April to begin forming its vision and mission statements.

“Basically, the Green Business Council wants to see the City of Irving become a recognized sustainability leader in North Texas,” said Mullen. “All of our initiatives will drive to this objective.”

Mullen went on to state that although the vision and mission are still in the works, the group’s intention is to promote a culture of stewardship within the Irving community to preserve and enhance natural resources, conservation efforts, decrease landfill waste, and landfill management costs, while addressing economic needs and quality of life for present and future generations of the City of Irving and North Texas. The council will recommend programs and initiatives to businesses in Irving which will reduce the city’s environmental impact, distinguishing Irving as a leader in sustainability.