The Southern California regional office of Rosendin Electric has received three 2012 Awards for Electrical Excellence from the Orange County Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). The awards were presented in recognition of construction performed at the City of Fullerton Transportation Center Parking Structure, the Island Cinema in Newport Beach, and the County of Orange Solar Project with five area installations. 

“We are delighted that three separate projects qualified for Orange County NECA 2012 Awards of Electrical Excellence,” said Mike Hardin, senior preconstruction manager for Rosendin Electric. “Recognition for such diverse projects demonstrates the breadth of Rosendin Electric’s design and construction capabilities, as well as our commitment to excellence. This is a great testament to the efforts and expertise of our construction team.”

The City of Fullerton Transportation Center Parking Structure is a four-level parking building with 813 parking spaces. Featuring 117kW of solar power mounted on the structure, a video surveillance system, ticket kiosks, a traffic signal, car-counting system, and a 100% LED lighting system; the project was completed in eighteen months.

The Island Cinema in Newport Beach was a remodel project to convert an existing theater and restaurant into a new luxury cinema with seven screens and 650 seats. Completed in six months, the complex features high-end lighting throughout the lobby, hallways, and an outdoor seating area. Each theater is equipped with fixtures linked to the film projectors and can be programmed for a dimming response at the start of a movie.

The County of Orange Solar Project included installation of solar power systems at five locations in and around the County. The contract scope included solar arrays mounted on parking canopies and ground-mounted solar panels, delivering a combined capacity of 3MW of power. The entire project was completed in less than nine months.