Spike, a next-generation Sony AIBO robotic dog, is the star of Post Glover Resistors, Inc.’s newest product launch: PulserPlus, the industry’s first all-digital high-resistance grounding system.

When Post Glover executives prepared to launch their new product, they began searching for a unique way to grab attention at trade shows. Lohre & Associates, a Cincinnati-based advertising firm, introduced the concept of Spike, a futuristic barker. The agency fitted a flashy new Sony AIBO robotic dog with a wireless LAN card and a tiny microphone hidden under its red bandana. Then, it programmed Spike to deliver an entertaining series of professionally voiced monologues with choreographed robotic movements.

“These trade shows can be mundane, but we figured this would draw attention to our new product, and it did. It worked,” said Mark Meister, vice president of sales and marketing for Post Glover in a recent Cincinnati Enquirer article. “This is a conservative industry, and different is not always better. But if different is done right and done professionally, it can work.”

Designed to protect industrial plants from electrical ground faults, Spike serves as the mascot for the company’s "Digital Ground Hound," a 24-hour watchdog to protect plants from electrical failure. For more information, please visit www.postglover.com/spike.htm.