Energy service provider PSEG Energy Technologies recently took the first step in its agreement with Electric City to market the switchgear manufacturer’s energy-saving technologies by installing an EnergySaver unit at a retail chain store in Paramus, N.J. PSEG ET has an agreement with Electric City to install the company’s EnergySaver and GlobalCommander units for its existing customers in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

According to an Energy City press release, the initial energy savings for the recently installed unit has been measured at 20% with an anticipated payback of 18 mo.

“Our alliance with Electric City allows us to provide our customers with a proven technology to help reduce their electrical consumption and save money,” says Keith Hartman, PSEG ET’s director of lighting solutions. “It also provide us with a future opportunity to aggregate large-scale energy savings that can be sold back to local energy suppliers through Electric City’s Virtual Negawatt power plant system.”

Pending continued evaluation of the unit’s performance at this initial installation site, the retailer is evaluating the installation of more units at its 200 nationwide stores.