NEMA’s Electroindustry Business Confidence Index (EBCI) indicated that conditions facing the North American electroindustry stabilized in September, after signaling deterioration in each of the three previous months. Just as many survey panelists – 20% – reported conditions improved from August to September as reported conditions worsened. The rest of the panel – 60% – reported conditions were unchanged. A month ago nearly 21% reported an improvement against about 38% reporting a decline. Thus, the EBCI for current North American conditions climbed nearly 9 from August to reach 50 in September.

September’s EBCI for future North American conditions rebounded from the decline posted a month earlier and continues to point toward better conditions over the next six months. The index increased 3.2 points to 58.3 in the latest month. Nearly 37% of panelists said they expected conditions to improve by March 2012 versus 20% anticipating they will worsen. In August, 31% of panelists said they expected an improvement, while nearly 21% reported anticipating a decline.

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