Greater attention to motor system management can reduce motor energy costs by as much as 18%, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, and in response, the Motor Decisions Matter Web site ( has expanded to include an in-depth motor planning kit.

The kit, which was compiled and reviewed by more than 20 experts in the electrical motor and energy conservations fields, contains information, statistics, links, and tools specially designed to assist companies in developing motor management plans and saving on energy costs. The addition to the site is the centerpiece of the group’s campaign to encourage the use of sound motor management and planning as a tool for cutting motor energy costs and conserving energy.

The kit contains information on the following:

  • Developing a plan

  • Quantifying decisions about motor repair/replacement

  • Making motor replacement choices

  • Specifying repairs

  • Developing plans for critical motors

  • Building a motor inventory

The campaign is sponsored by a consortium of motor industry manufacturers and service centers, trade associations, electric utilities, and government agencies. The group is promoting the benefits of motor planning and providing tools that enable commercial and industrial customers to develop a motor plan with the assistance of their local distributor/repair center or utility representative.