The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) announces the publication of RP-22-11, "Tunnel Lighting," an ANSI-approved standard. The purpose of the document is to provide recommended practices for designing new tunnel lighting systems and advance the art, science and practice of engineering as it relates to tunnel lighting.

Changes from the earlier version of RP-22-11 include the latest research, international standards, experience, and equipment technology, including revision of the transition curve, wall illumination measurement methods, a new calculation and field measurement grid, and a new annex on calculating Tunnel Wall Luminance.

RP-22-11 provides information to assist engineers and designers in determining lighting needs, recommend solutions, and evaluate resulting visibility at vehicular tunnel approaches and interiors. Administrators responsible for providing a safe environment within a tunnel both day and night can also benefit from the document.

RP-22-11 is available at