The New Jersey State Building and Construction Trades Labor Management Council (LMC) announced the launch of a statewide awareness campaign to educate public officers and private developers regarding the benefits associated with Project Labor Agreements (PLAs).

“As an effective project management tool for private, long-term construction projects for decades, it is our goal to increase awareness within the public sector to demonstrate that PLAs are the formula for success for New Jersey’s publicly funded projects, including school construction,” says Frank Wade, director of the council.

LMC’s educational campaign includes reaching out to school board members, administrators, teachers, and parents on a statewide basis. The multi-tiered marketing effort consists of direct mail, a question-and-answer brochure, and presentations designed to address unique district needs. The campaign includes a general overview of PLAs that includes potential signatory participants, common elements and fundamentals, contractor requirements, and overall benefits to the school district, taxpayers, and the community.