NEMA has released three new standards—two for industrial control and one for motors and generators.

As a revision to ICS 5-1993, ICS 5-2000 Industrial Control and Systems: Control Circuit and Pilot Devices provides general requirements for control circuit and pilot devices including pressure and temperature-operated switches, control relays, limit switches, proximity switches, push-buttons, and selector switches.

Including information concerning ratings, construction, testing, performance, and manufacture, ICS 6-1993 (R2001) Industrial Control Systems: Enclosures covers the enclosure requirements of all industrial control devices functioning on commercial voltages as high as 750VDC or 7200VAC.

Adding to the more than 500 pages of manufacturing and performance data related to AC and DC electric motors and generators of the original standard, MG 1-1998 Motors and Generators, Revision 2 includes expanded data on short-time rated machines and new information about the NEMA Premium Efficiency Electric Motors Program, which promotes motor systems efficiency.

The standards are available through Global Engineering Documents at