Citing a recent study in the trade journal Energy User News, National Electrical Manufacturers (NEMA) President Malcolm O’Hagan recently told the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources energy efficient products and systems could reduce energy costs by 40% and save businesses $28 billion per year. Industry experts estimate that the energy needed to run buildings in the United States costs about $70 billion a year.

“A comprehensive electrical energy policy should rely on affordable, proven technology to address energy supply and demand,” O’Hagan told the committee. “It is critical to understand that energy efficiency and conservation do not mean sacrifice and reduced access, but rather doing more with existing capacity by achieving reduction in energy usage through the use of more efficient products and systems."

O’Hagan was in Washington, D.C., encouraging the committee to promote facility upgrades to systems like lighting, HVAC, and building automation that could, according to the study, save businesses between $1.00 and $1.50 per sq ft of floor space. O’Hagan said businesses who employ these systems could see a return on investment immediately and energy savings lasting the life of the products, usually 10 yr to 20 yr.