NECA recently released Confined Space Entry Guidelines (2002), the latest in its series of safety publications and services intended to help electrical contractors protect their workers on the jobsite. The guidelines are intended to help contractors comply with applicable OSHA regulations and customer requirements.

The publication provides information on the following:

  • OSHA Part 1910 and 1926 standards, policies, and interpretations

  • Confined space hazards and accident causes

  • Sample task-specific confined space entry procedures

  • Safety training program requirements

As defined by OSHA, confined spaces range from manholes and tunnels to crawl spaces under buildings and crowded equipment closets. Their size reduces mobility, communications with other workers, and makes emergency exiting difficult.

The publication is available from NECA for $45. For ordering information, contact the NECA Order Desk by phone at (301) 215-4504 or by email at