The International Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO) is offering a new lighting guide published by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America titled, “IESNA/NALMCO Recommended Practice for Planned Indoor Lighting Maintenance.” The 34-page publication is geared toward lighting designers, architects, and other construction and building operation professionals.

The guide includes the results of a three-year study that suggests the amount of dust and dirt on popular lighting fixtures has been overestimated, resulting in spaces being over-lit to compensate for light loss. The study concludes that existing buildings can reduce light output and new buildings can install fewer light fixtures to cut costs and save energy.

Readers will also find information on maintenance methods, materials to reduce labor costs, lamp and ballast disposal, procedures, how to use maintenance support energy management strategies, and a troubleshooting guide in the publication.

To order a copy of the guide, visit the NALMCO Web site.