Konnext Connects with Sauro

Connector and cabling manufacturer Konnext, Inc., Hudson, Mass., recently partnered with Largo, Fla.-based Sauro USA, a manufacturer of European-style terminal blocks for discrete wire-to-board interconnection. Under this arrangement, Konnext will provide technical support, sales, and marketing for Sauro products. Konnext manufactures micro-miniature ESD shunting connectors, power shunting barrier blocks, cables and cabling, printed circuit board based interfaces and interface modules and accessories, terminal blocks, and standard and custom connectors. Sauro offers fixed and pluggable rising cage clamp blocks in 2.54mm (0.100 in.) to 10.16mm (0.400 in.) spacings that provide wire termination for dry circuit to 32A 750VAC power circuits.

The partnership allows Konnext, Inc. to provide another high-end interconnection technology to solve its customers many interconnection challenges.