After recently expanding its Web site, Lytron Inc, Woburn, Mass., now offers new online information about its line of liquid-cooling components and systems as well as an enhanced technical information section at With a line that includes cold plates, chillers, ambient cooling systems, and heat exchangers, Lytron offers Total Thermal Solutions products to a wide range of industries, such as lasers, high-powered electronics, semiconductor processing, and telecommunications.

The site’s new Technical Support section features step-by-step instructions for selecting a cold plate, water chiller, modular cooler, or heat exchanger, plus manuals for the system products, downloadable RS232 software for Kodiak chillers, temperature conversion tables, a useful guide to converting units of measure, and a table of thermal properties of metals and cooling fluids. There’s also information about the company’s ability to customize cold plates, cooling systems, and heat exchangers.