With corporate budgets continuing to tighten, energy efficiency remains a hot topic for lighting architects, and the Lighting Controls Association has responded by publishing four new white papers to help the cause. All four are available for free from the association’s Web site and are authored by Craig DiLouie, who has written three books on lighting management.

The papers cover a range of topics concerning energy efficiency and “green” design:

  • “New Tax Deduction Will Reward Energy Efficiency” – Passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2002 would provide for rewards in the form of tax deductions for those who exceed the requirements of ASRAE/IES 90.1 – 1999.

  • “Green Design” – A new program backed by the U.S. Green Building Council, which comprises 1,400 organizations, has formed to establish a standard for the adoption of green design practices.

  • “Finding the Benefits of Energy Efficiency in Commercial Lease Properties” – Although commercial lease buildings have traditionally been slow to embrace energy efficiency, they’re a prime opportunity for upgrades. But how do you make the building owner see the benefits?

  • “State of the Utility Lighting Rebate Programs” – Utilities are beginning to shift traditional debates for energy efficiency upgrades to a demand response model and offering strong incentives for curtailing load on demand.

To access the papers, click on "Education" and scroll down to "Key issues."