Leviton NSI, Little Neck, N.Y., has recently enhanced its Web site for faster access. The new design makes it easier to navigate from section to section, access product and application information, and learn about new product introductions. Located at www.nsicorp.com, the home page features a product catalog, downloads, product bulletins, and customer service and technical support sections.

Indigo Systems, Goleta, Calif., recently launched its new Web site, which segments the product and service offerings into research and development, military R&D, security and surveillance, and industrial/preventative maintenance. The site, located at www.indigosystems.com, offers expanded content and added site options and accessory pages for each product and application.

Phoenix Contact, Harrisburg, Pa., has redesigned its homepage to include detailed technical information, including part numbers, data sheets, and downloadable CAD drawings. The design has three main sections: In Focus is a rotating list of highlighted products, campaigns, and other activities; Products is a list of product groups and descriptions; and What’s New is a rotating list of new products and news releases. The site is located at www.phoenixcon.com.