J.F. Kiely Construction Co., a regional family-owned utility construction business specializing in the installation of natural gas, water, sewer and electric, is proud to announce that its Experience Modification Rating (EMR) has reached a low of .88. "A low EMR is important to any construction company," said Dan Francisci, safety director at J.F. Kiely Construction Co. "It is a general indication of the safety culture of the company and their past commitment to good employee safety practices."

J.F. Kiely Construction Co. has made substantial investments in its safety program over the past several years. "We strive to create an injury-free workplace by providing safety training and incentives for our employees," said Raymond Sexton, VP of operations.

"A low EMR provides two significant benefits," said John M. Kiely, president of J.F. Kiely Construction Co. "One, is a better quality of life for our employees and, two, is a more competitive price to our customers since discounts apply when a company scores a low EMR,"