The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) announces the publication of The Lighting Handbook, 10th Ed., the most comprehensive one-volume reference on lighting. The Lighting Handbook presents all phases of lighting and integrates the views of IES Committees and individual specialists in each knowledge area. First published in 1947, The Lighting Handbook is recognized as the authoritative reference for anyone involved in lighting.

William Hanley, the executive VP of IES, who has served during several editions of the handbook, offered these observations: “This edition stands apart from its predecessors in that lighting knowledge and practice have been undergoing an accelerated rate of change in recent years. These changes are reflected in the new edition, such as an increased emphasis on sustainability, the adoption of solid-state lighting (SSL), greater use of daylighting and lighting control strategies, new research about the effects of light on the human body and the changing needs of lighting as the human body ages.

"The author team, the IES committees, and individuals who contributed to the book did a superb job. And the new four-color format, wealth of photos, and the liberal use of charts to convey illuminance values by application make this an excellent edition.”