This year marks the 11th consecutive time Heller Electric Co., Inc. has completed electric work for the Presidential Inauguration. This year's ceremony is scheduled for January 21.

Work on the 57th Presidential Inauguration began almost immediately after the election. Electrical Alliance contractor Heller Electric began electric installation on three separate structures for the ceremony: the Presidential Reviewing Stand, Media Stand, and Mayoral Parade Reviewing Stand the week before Thanksgiving. Since then, an average of nine electricians worked 10-hour days, up to seven days a week to ensure it was completed by January 7.

Heller installed 600A in the Presidential Reviewing Stand, where President Obama and his family will watch the parade, for lighting and heating the entire stand and bulletproof enclosure. The three-story Media Stand is powered by 800A that supply approximately 192 electric outlets for the worldwide media in attendance to utilize. Finally, Heller completed the heating and lighting work for the Mayoral Parade Stand that will hold the mayor and all Washington, D.C., government and guests.

“It is a bit challenging because of the definitive end and start date, ordering of custom materials, and allotment of only 10 people to work on the project because of security, but our team thrives on fast-paced jobs and we feel honored to work on such a prestigious job,” says Michael Ritchey, Heller Electric’s president.

With the inauguration, the electric work doesn’t end on the finish date. Four Heller Electric workers will man each structure and the materials trailer on the day of the ceremony to ensure all operations run smoothly.

“The Inaugural Stands have been a huge part of our history since 1973, when we were selected to light President Nixon’s second term inauguration," says Brian J. Heller, Heller’s executive VP. "Each inaugural project brings us not only new challenges, but stories and a tremendous sense of pride among all of our employees who work tirelessly to complete the projects on time. We look forward to the opportunity every four years and proudly celebrate our ability to participate in such a historical event.”