Energize America Educational Institute (EAEI) recently welcomed three new sponsors into its public awareness program. Magnaray International Division, Sarasota, Fla.; US Energy Capital Corp., Conyers, Ga.; and Energy Conservation Corp., Troy, Mich.; have joined the fold at the Princeton Junction, N.J.-based institute’s Energize America (EA) program.

The awareness initiative is an attempt on EAEI’s part to bring together energy users and energy service companies, manufacturers of energy-efficient products, sources of project financing, utilities, and environmental and government agencies to facilitate implementation of energy efficiency programs.

“Partnering with lighting and electrical industry leaders provides significant opportunities for the EA initiative,” says Jeffrey Barnhart, EAEI spokesperson. “As our network continues to grow, more information can be exchanged and utilized to aid corporations in locating assistance and products for implementing energy-efficient solutions.”