Norwalk, Conn.-based EMCOR Group, Inc. recently announced that its Dynalectric Los Angeles subsidiary has been awarded a contract to install the electrical systems for the Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project, Piers D, E, and F, at the Port of Long Beach, Calif.

Dynalectric Los Angeles will be responsible for the complete installation of electrical systems as part of the initial phase of the Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project, which will include the building of wharfs and dredging one slip and filling in another, and will result in power being provided to moored container ships so that they do not have to run their diesel engines while at dock. Dynalectric will install the infrastructure of shore power, so that power can be provided to ships, cranes, and area lighting. Scope of work includes excavation and installation of 260,000 feet of underground concrete encased conduit, underground pre-cast pull boxes, pre-cast vaults, pre-cast manholes, and a pre-cast tunnel vault. Additionally, Dynalectic will install a main terminal substation and a shore-to-ship substation.

"We are delighted to have been selected to play a role in execution of this landmark project and to help in the combined development of the Port of Long Beach,” states Chris Pesavento, president and CEO of Dynalectric Los Angeles. “Having the expertise to manage the scope, scale, and scheduling of such a significant undertaking as this project is something in which we specialize and excel.”