EC&M, the source of information for 140,000+ electrical professionals, released a comprehensive report today on the Top 50 electrical contractors operating in the United States. This annual report includes details about how the giants of the electrical business have confronted one of the most difficult economic downturns in recent history to maintain their standing in this elite and powerful group.

Ranking the firms by revenue, the report also offers detailed capsule summaries for each company, and includes photos of their recent electrical construction projects. The summaries include:

  • The firms’ headquarters and branch office locations

  • Number of employees

  • Year founded

  • 2002 sales

  • Forecast for 2003 sales

  • Areas of expertise

  • Key markets served

  • And recent projects

The report also includes a regional breakout section, a copy of the survey and cover letter sent to the contractors, and complete contact information for each firm.

“The information presented in this report is the result of months of research,” said Mike Eby, editor-in-chief of EC&M. “When we began to track the leaders of the electrical contracting industry three years ago, it was with the goal of offering a look at how the big outfits stacked up against each other. As the market has waned, though, the listing has proven to be that much more useful by displaying the strengths and weaknesses of the business.”

The report is currently available for $199 on EC&M’s Research page.