EMCOR Group, Inc. recently announced that, as previously reported during its October Third Quarter 2011 Earnings Call, its Dynalectric Los Angeles subsidiary has been awarded a contract for the Coliseum/Florence region for the Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control (ATSAC) project for the City of Los Angeles. To facilitate an orderly completion of the ATSAC project, the City of Los Angeles was divided into 36 geographical areas; each area was phased into the entire ATSAC system. This project is the last to be completed; with its completion, all signals in Los Angeles will be tied into the citywide computer controlled traffic signal system.

Dynalectric will be responsible for upgrading and/or replacing 72 traffic signal controllers involved in the Coliseum/Florence II ATSAC project, including various modifications to existing traffic signal poles, gear, and wiring at all locations. Scope of work includes installation of over 8 1/2 miles of underground conduits and fiber optic cables; seven video surveillance cameras and loop detectors installed for vehicle traffic, including bus loops, video and data communication equipment.

"We are pleased to continue our work with Los Angeles Department of Transportation on this citywide project, following the completion of other ATSAC work for the City of Los Angeles," stated Johnny Menninga, president, Dynalectric Los Angeles. "The scope of the work is vast, and is a wonderful fit for the expertise and breadth of experience we provide."