On November 12, Appleton announced the availability of its online International Electrical Code/National Electrical Code (IEC/NEC) Classification Comparator, an in-depth guidebook to understanding world standards for the classification of hazardous areas.

"Our guide underscores that a distinction must be made between the U.S. Zone system and the IEC/CENELEC Zone system," says Chris Walsh, director of marketing for EGS Electrical Group. "They are not the same. Similar yes, the same, no."

Separately, The IEC/CENELEC Zone system is used internationally as the standard for wiring and protection techniques and the NEC’s Article 505 is basically its Americanized version. With the United States as a notable exception, most of the world uses the IEC, thus the creation of the comparator guide. The guide aims to point out differences in an attempt to further harmonize world standards.

The 18-page guide is available for download in Adobe PDF format at www.appletonelec.com.